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There are lots of reasons why you might want to join one the fastest growing online language teaching platforms in the world.

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Before you apply, you might want to read more detail.

We have linked some information here which answers common questions:

Our application process is very straight forward, supportive and believes in the power of development.

You can complete our applicationn by clicking the button below.

As soon as we have received your application, we will review it.

We will email your refeerees you have provided us.  Once those have resulted in the affirmative, we will then take reasonable steps to confirm the qualification documentation you have provided to us.

Assuming all is acceptable, we will get in touch with you by email to arrange an online interview using Skype.

Please add interviewer’s Skype ID: EnglisheClass CS once you receive this email or at least 30 mins before interview time (interview time be confirm with you in your local time.

Please make sure you understand the time difference.

You will do a demo lesson with interviewer for 5 to 20 mins. You will be a tutor and interviewer will pretend to be a student. Try to lead student to talk and correct student. Be patient. Also try to type as much as you can for new word or some interesting topics during the lesson.

The teaching material will be provided by interviewer.

Teaching material will be sent by interviewer from skype half-hour before your interview.

Here are some strategies for passing the interview:

Keep your camera on and smile to look friendly.  The students camera will be off.

Speak slowly and use the simplest words, it is very important, treat the interviewer as a very little child maybe aged 4 or 5 years old.
Type new words/and some correction during the lessons (but not too many).

Try to motive the student to talk.
Base everything on the teaching material to expend the conversation from there.

Give the students the chance to talk but also engage the student more with the lesson.

The interview will include a mock class where you will be able to show off your skills.  At the end of the interview we will give you direct feedback.

Assuming the interview process is satisfactory, we will be in a position to confirm your account on our site and assist you with planning your schedule.

At this point we will be in a position to offer you a probationary acceptance to our program which will last the first 40 hours of live classes.  After this we will look at the student feedback.  We would expect you to have an average star rating of at least 4 out of 5 stars to become immediately accredited with us.

If you pass the interview you will also be expected to provide us a current photo ID (preferably a passport or Driving License).

The requirement for a form of government issued ID was designed into the application process following advice from a British online recruitment consultant specializing in crime prevention and child protection.

The site follows the principles of GDPR and stores all personal data on secure servers located in the UK.  Government issued ID would only be accessed by the site should there be a complaint from a student resulting in necessary liaison with police and children protection agencies etc.

Some online teaching sites do not go this far in protecting the children who will ultimately be spending one-to-one time with tutors and English eClass makes no apology for the rigor of its application processes.

If your average feedback score from students after 40 hours is less than 4 stars out of 5, you will be expected to complete a 30-minute coaching session with our staff to review your practice.

You you will need to confirm an action plan to improve your teaching style.  Your probation will also be extended by another 120 hours of 1-2-1 Live Class teaching, where we will review your review status again.

Feedback is for a purpose.

That purpose is to ensure the customer receives value for money. For instance, if a customer pays $11 for a class and they do not feel they have received value for money, the feedback system allows us to understand what the issue is, investigate it and where appropriate raise that with the Tutor.

Ratings provided by parents are for EnglisheClass only to monitor tutors in a proactive way.

We have set an early warning benchmark of 80% (4 out of 5).

If ratings fall below 80%, we will take action purely so we can meet with the tutor and share strategies. This intervention would hopefully have a positive effect on their teaching practice.

We think our approach is realistic as we do not expect 98.5% like some other platforms.

Were a tutor to complete 100 classes, if during those 100 classes the tutor receives negative feedback on 3 occasions, we would take a view on where the negative ratings occurred. If, for example, all three negative ratings occurred in the most recent classes, it might indicate that something is not ok. It might indicate that the tutor needs some support, which we would gladly provide.

We recognise that rating feedback is subjective, hence the reason that we take a ’human’ approach which is support-led and Tutor-centered. We very much hope you decide to join us. Lloyd.

If your average feedback score after a total of 160 hours is less than 4 stars out of 5, you will be expected to complete a 1-hour intervention session with our staff to review your practice.

You will need to confirm an action plan to improve your teaching style.  When you have completed your intervention and agreed an action plan, you can carry on.

Your probation will also be extended by another 120 hours of 1-2-1 Live Class teaching, where we will review your review feedback status again.

Most teachers want to have happy learners.  Most teachers do not do this work because it is easy, it is not.

If we have unsuccessfully:

  • Discussed with you any negative feedback we have recieved, whenever the data suggests a change in performance or persistent underperformance, giving you time to improve.
  • Met with you to see if we can provide support – which might mean you have a mentor Tutor assigned to you.
  • Tried to apply various strategies with you to improve your overall performance and ratings.

Then, based on feedback from our students, you will be formally notified by email that your account will not be allowed any more bookings and you will not be allowed to work with us any more.

Do as little or as much work as you like – your schedule is truly your own.

Work elsewhere if you want to.  In fact, we want you to bring more experience from other providers and tell us about it.

Teaching slots are scheduled to be 25 minutes long starting promptly on the hour and half hour.

English Language/Reading Coaching is our core product, but if you have specific skills, there are more opportunities for Maths, Science and Business teaching.
We sell Native Speaker English classes at $11 and Non-Native Speaker classes for 20% less ($8.25).

You will receive a flat-rate of 70% of the net income from eClass slots booked.
After 1,000 slots of teaching, we will increase your share to 75%.

Native / Non-native Speaker
Class Category
Gross Sale Price
Net Salary SENT To Tutors
NativeChild and Adult Learning$11 per booking$7.70 per booking
NativeBusiness$17 per booking$11.90 per booking
Non-nativeChild and Adult Learning$8.80 per booking$6.16 per booking
Non-nativeBusiness$13.68 per booking$9.58 per booking

These figures are based on a 70% share.  They change when based on the salary increase rate of 75%.